We decided it would be easier (and save us more space) if we used the cloud. So please, listen with the angels to our collection of chiptunes on our Soundcloud channel!

What’s that you say? You’d like to hear the music from the NES port of Deal or No Deal? Great, then click on the words “Deal or No Deal.” Huh? You want to listen to tracks from upcoming NES homebrew release Freecell? Or rock out to the beats from UXO, a NES minesweeper clone? Perhaps you’d like to swim though the majestic waters that is the in-game score to the smash NES indy blockbuster The Incident?

Bonus tracks? Why there’s amazing beats from DJing yesteryear¬†with DJ Statch’s Background Work¬†or, if you’d like, give the remix of Bleep Bop’s classic album Fie a listen.

Keep checking in, as we’ll add (and eventually remove) tracks that you may (or may not) find here!

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