Tailgating At The Assembly Line

For those of you who don’t follow our Twitter feed or our Facebook page, we’d ask that you do because honestly we’re far more prolific there than here. But, for those who just check in to the Bleep Bop website on a daily basis: here’s an update!

One of the most innovative NES homebrew games we’ve ever seen was released last month, Tailgate Party, where you can play cornhole against the computer or friends using the forgotten NES peripheral: the Powerpad, and our own Zi composed all the in-game music for it! Cornhole, for those of you who live in LA or NYC, is a game where you drink, and occasionally try to throw a bean bag through a hole on a board. Check out our soundcloud account for the tunes and the link above to purchase!

Zi has written the intro for the new NES homebrew podcast called The Assembly Line, hosted by Kevin from Khan Games and Beau from Sole Goose Productions, both NES homebrew powehouses. If you’re here, you obviously love NES homebrews and should be listening to every ep! Also in the podcast realm, music from our catalogue was featured on a Kickstart for VGBS Gaming Podcast Season 1 cartridge, a physical copy of Kyle Gilbert and Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s podcast!

What’s on the horizon? There’s a new album in the works, as well as continuing two different homebrew projects (one is a fun take on a NintendoAge thread gone awry and the other is a port from a classic Windows game). Hey, it’s summer, roll down the windows and blast some 8bit music!

Sound In The Clouds

We decided it would be easier (and save us more space) if we used the cloud. So please, listen with the angels to our collection of chiptunes on our Soundcloud channel!

What’s that you say? You’d like to hear the music from the NES port of Deal or No Deal? Great, then click on the words “Deal or No Deal.” Huh? You want to listen to tracks from upcoming NES homebrew release Freecell? Or rock out to the beats from UXO, a NES minesweeper clone? Perhaps you’d like to swim though the majestic waters that is the in-game score to the smash NES indy blockbuster The Incident?

Bonus tracks? Why there’s amazing beats from DJing yesteryear with DJ Statch’s Background Work or, if you’d like, give the remix of Bleep Bop’s classic album Fie a listen.

Keep checking in, as we’ll add (and eventually remove) tracks that you may (or may not) find here!

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