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Thornby, the third album released by Bleep Bop, surpasses conventional pop formula with a seamless blend of approachable melodies which float over idiosyncratic chords. With sharp timing and an even pace, Thornby seeks to capture the tension and elation found only when playing a video game.

Thornby was made with the Famitracker and uses only the original NES chipset.

You are purchasing a game cartridge that will only function using a Nintendo Entertainment System, NES-101, or AVS, and may not work on a Generation Nex, Yobo Neo Fami, FC Twin, Retron X, or any other post production NES clone. This cartridge was made with new boards, chips, and cartridge shells and, with proper care and storage, should provide enjoyment for several years.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s like listening to the laughter of children and the sound of a gentle spring shower all rolled into one. Pure bliss!

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