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The echos from previous albums decay into chaos as the opening dystopic collapse of [Welcome to] Eville escorts the listener through a celebration of evil. No heros have arrived to restore order, no last-ditch-efforts planned, no small-town nobodies with nothing to lose are out killing honest working henchmen and well-meaning mini-bosses. Eville is an audible commemoration to the iron-fist rule of the Boss, of a simpler time when villagers knew their place and no one had the guts to stand up and fight.

Eville was made with the Famitracker and uses only the original NES chipset.

You are purchasing a game cartridge that will only function using a Nintendo Entertainment System, NES-101, or AVS, and may not work on a Generation Nex, Yobo Neo Fami, FC Twin, Retron X, or any other post production NES clone. This cartridge was made with new boards, chips, and cartridge shells and, with proper care and storage, should provide enjoyment for several years.

1 review for [Welcome To] Eville

  1. 5 out of 5

    Welcome To Eville? More like Welcome To The First Bite Of Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream Piled Three Scoops High On A Waffle Cone Covered In Rainbow Sprinkles On Hot Summer Day Next To The Pool And Sipping A Mai Tai With One Of Those Tiny Umbrellas.

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